Welcome to Albury Preschool

Albury Preschool is a not for profit community based centre which has been built by our local community over the past 70 years and reflects the diversity of our community.

In 2014 Albury Preschool achieved the highest quality rating level in education and care under the national Quality Framework of  “Excellent” and is currently rated Exceeding by ACECQA . We are about children, families, education and the community.

Our Preschool puts a strong emphasis on parent involvement in the Preschool’s operation and management. Our Preschool is widely recognised and respected for its ability to operate effectively and provide a quality Preschool program.

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About Us

Learn about Albury Preschool and what makes us the best on the border.

Educational Program

Give your child a head start for primary school with our early learning activites.


Find out how to enroll in to our Preschool and when your child is eligible to start.