Find out how to enrol in to our Preschool and when your child is eligible to start.

Families may place their child’s name on our waiting list during the year that their child turns 2 years of age. This is not a guarantee of enrolment. We are a very busy preschool and have a significant number of children on our waiting list.

Procedure of Enrolment

Waiting list details can be taken by filling out the form below. When a parent/guardian is unable to come to the Centre or fill out the form below, application may be taken over the phone. (02) 6021 2050

  1. A waiting list application must be completed. When a parent or guardian is unable to come to the preschool, application may be taken over the phone or by email.
  2. Application details are placed on the enrolment list in order of application date.
  3. All families who have requested enrolment for the following year will be sent a Letter of Preference in July of the year before attendance.
  4. Enrolment offers are sent out during Term 3.
  5. Families are required to pay $50 enrolment levy (non refundable) upon accepting their child’s position and return all enrolment forms and departmental regulation forms and show immunization details.
  6. Upon enrolment, families will be given an information package about the preschool, a welcome letter for your child and a link to our welcome video.

Waiting List Application

We will respond within 7 days, should you not hear back from us please ring the Preschool.

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